-  Atelier Justa-Architectural Research

AJ-AR is an art and architecture studio that contributes to the city through installation, exhibition, interior and spatial design. We strive to combine local HK culture in a contemporary way to create bespoke designs and bring architecture closer to people.


Our design philosophy is born from the intrinsic relationship between space and people. We are passionate about architecture in a wider and more comprehensive context, and believe that any intervention, regardless their size, are opportunities for public engagement.


Founded by a group of local architects, AJ-AR’s roots lie in HK. We hope that through our architecture, we can create new spaces, and a new form of contemporary local culture, that will bring our people closer to our city.


「近」- 距離短;親密;差別小;淺顯;不久以前



近建築研究舍是一間藝術及建築設計事務所,致力參與不同的公共藝術展覽、室內設計及建築設計項目等, 以前衛的建築風格融合獨特的本土文化,拉近大眾與建築設計的距離。


近建築的設計理念源於人與建築的關係 -

建築是空間的營造,我們深信空間的營造不拘泥於大小, 從大型樓宇設計,到小型裝置藝術,都是我們拉近人與建築的媒介。


植根於香港,近建築研究舍希望可以打破 “建築等於物業” 的本地文化框框,利用不同形式的設計建立新的本土建築文化,令人與空間的關係更親密,更近。